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I'm thinking about getting another zx3, I found the following car :
manual tranny 2006 Ford Focus ZX3 S with 98,250 miles.
I don't know enough about performance part to know if this is a good buy or if I should stay away from it.
He's asking price is under 5k.
Here is the list of mods done by the owner.
Are these mods going to affect reliability?
What would you pay for it (ballpark)?
What kind of powergain compared to a stock 06?
Thanks for the help

Aftermarket Performance Parts:
*SCT X3 Flasher/Data Logger with Custom Tune
*Cosworth Intake Manifold*CFM 67mm Throttle Body
*K&N Cold Air Intake
*CFM 41 Race Performance Header
*CFM 2.5 inch Flex Pipe
*HKS HiPower Exhaust
*CFM Light Weight Underdrive Pulley Kit
*AEM Air and Fuel Ratio GaugePOWERTRAIN
*Clutch Masters Stage 3 Clutch Kit
*Clutch Masters Aluminum Flywheel
*CFM Short Throw ShifterSUSPENSION
*CFM Light Weight Tubular Front Lower Control Arm
*Front Strut Bar
*Front Lower Tie bar
*Rear Strut Bar
*H&R Front Sway Bar 24mm BRAKES
*EBC Front Dimpled and Slotted Sport Rotors
*Hawk Front HP Plus Brake PadsAUDIO*Infinity Kappa Speakers Front and Rear

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Those are seriously expensive modifications. Cosworth intake manifold is in the neighborhood of 700-1000. Sounds like he was serious about making power. Could be some very hard miles if he went to the track with it.

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i saw that car on craigslist. i think its been ridden pretty hard, i'm not sure i would go for it.

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How much is a stock '06 S worth w/ 98,000 mile's? Are you looking for a track car or DD? Sound's great for a track car being a S version. For a DD, I'd be looking for at least a SE or better yet a ST. Unless your looking for a hatch. Some of the '03's-'04's had 23's in them, if that's what your looking for.
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