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I thought I'd show my old baby... and then my new one. Bc I have yet to put up pictures [:)]

before tint:

after tint, which i had to get redone bc of lint & a wrinkle:

on my way home after getting the bubbles pushed out of my fresh tint:

the steering wheel & air bag caught my face.

the ambulance lady said my jaw was broken, then they determined it was fractured, then they said it was too swollen to tell anything & to come back when swelling goes down. turns out it was just a really deep bone bruise. and the air bags weren't supposed to deploy bc the fuse was pulled..
this is where i hit him (he turned out in front of me. the story is really ironic so i won't go into it. lol):

and the impact from me caused him to hit another car (02 acura):

my new baby!:

I would put up a pic of my face but it looks like I'm smiling in them bc my face was so swollen. and it's gross. and I don't want ya'll to kno me like that [:)]

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Nice SVT mang. When did the wreck happen?

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a friend of mine just bought an mx6 like that with a 3.4 and exhaust, and it's pretty quick.. sorry about the crash, congrats on the SVT.. both cars look (looked) sweet..

what's the story with the Supra?
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