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ok i got a problem

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i live in hawaii and i just ordered the sct proracer but nobody over here really boost of a focus but there is a place that tunes sct but since im rebuilding motor uping compression to 10.2:1 i need to be able to drive car till i can get it tuned so TOM OR RAY OR ANYBODY THAT CAN TUNE SCT IF I TELL U WANT I HAVE DONE CAN U COME UP WITH A BASE TUNE SO THE CAR IS DRIVEABLE or is the sct proracer that easy that i can tune it my self

u can see what i have but this is what i got coming sct proracer, focus central 10.2:1 pistons, eagle rods, crane stage 2 cams, crower valve springs and retainers, c-f-m cam gears, fidenza 9lb flywheel, and centerforce dual friction clutch.

once my engine this is done i wil be moving to supension parts.

so please i need help guys thanks
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