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The new Focus is in our garage at last. Had a quick look under the hood, changed out the headlight bulbs for uprated ones, and had a peek underneath.
There appears to be a bellypan under the engine compartment. Our Passat had a bellypan, and removing it (actually, replacing it) was such a PITA when the car was slightly jacked up on the garage floor that I finally let the dealer change the oil. Just not worth the assortment of really unChristian things I said during the task.
So how much trouble is the bellypan on the 2012 Focus? Is there any easy way to drop the pan? Give me a couple tips.
Otherwise, like the car; jury is still out on the tranny, but it drives and handles well. Build quality seems quite good, with consistent panel fits, good paint, and attention to detail. First domestic sedan, ever. This has been a real leap of faith!
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