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Oil Change Required?

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Hi everyone!

It's been awhile since I've been here, since I've been enjoying my Focus. :)

I'm at 9,100 miles -- my next oil change is due at 10,100 miles. However, today, I started my car and got the: oil change required prompt at start-up. It now pops up every time I start my car (twice since original error this morning). Does this mean I need to check my oil levels? The car has had one oil change and the 10,100 miles mark was set by my dealership; I'm about 1,000 miles behind in terms of expectant date (they were assuming 10,100 miles in mid-September).

I should note that I have an appointment this coming Saturday for a lovely grinding noise from the front left of my car when I accelarate from 0-1,000 RPMS. It's not consistent, but it happens for about 3 seconds frequently enough to be concerned (particularly that it's the DCT troubles that I read about 65,215 times on these forums before purchasing my 2014 at this time last year).

Some feedback would be appreciated. Should I let it slide until it visits the dealer on Saturday -- or what I should I do? Admittedly, I don't know how to check the oil, but I'm sure my boyfriend does.

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He sounds like the kind of guy that puts air in the tires after the TPMS light comes on.
To be fair, I havent my Focus very long yet but in my old XTERRA the TPMS was pretty sensitive. That thing would go off if you were 1 pound of air light. Soooooo annoying. I ended up running a few pounds over spec cause it was so annoying going off all the time. Didn't seem to have much affect, I ended up getting almost 85,000 miles out of 50,000 mile tires.
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