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My driveway has officially taken over by Ford! :)

I grew up in a household of GM A/B/G-body cars and my first car was a 1985 Monte Carlo SS (which I still have, but my main "toy" these days is a 1970 GTO). I had another Monte SS as a daily driver for a short while, then stepped down to my first non-V8 with a Saturn S-series once I had a longer commute to work. It was replaced by a second S-series (they were amazingly reliable and fuel efficient cars) and I have been driving what was my wife's 2003 2.0L Jetta since we bought our first Ford about six years ago when kid #2 was on the way - a 2011 Flex Limited AWD. The Jetta has been getting long in the tooth so I've been keeping a eye out for a new daily driver and I had narrowed down to either an ST (more fun) or a Golf TDI (more practical). This 2013 Focus ST3 popped up and had my name on it, so "fun" won the battle this time around! While Tangerine Scream is my favorite colour for these cars, it is almost identical to my GTO and I preferred something more subtle for my daily - white or silver were the preference here (the Flex is black and one black vehicle is enough to maintain LOL). It needs a bit of TLC cosmetically, but it runs and drives like a new car!

I'm also looking forward to a standard vehicle again after driving the auto Jetta for a few years now. The Saturns were both 5-speeds (only thing that made the extreme lack of power tolerable), I converted the Monte Carlo to a 5-speed years ago and the GTO has a 4-speed.

First order of business was getting some new floor mats as it only came with factory carpeted front mats and the drivers side was worn through - was going to get the Maxpiders I have in our Flex again (although one '3D' badge has fallen off) but found a new company up here in Canada called Tuxmat and decided to give them a try.

P.S. I was very impressed with the mileage on the drive home @ 33.6mpg - approximately an 8mpg improvement over the Jetta with nearly 2.5X the power! Looking forward to learning the ins and outs of these little gems here on the forum!


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