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Hi there,

I know that many people asked why the darn radio shut off after X minutes on the Focus.

I stumbled upon the official definition of why and what are the criteria that have to be met to trigger the auto shut off.

From Ford:

Battery Load Shed

The BCM uses the battery current sensor to monitor the battery state of charge. The battery current sensor is attached to the
battery ground cable.
With the vehicle OFF and the ignition in ACC or RUN, a load shed message is sent over the CAN when the BCM determines that the battery state of charge is below 40%, 45 minutes have elapsed, or 10% of the charge has been drained.

This message turns off the audio system to save the remaining battery charge. Under this condition, SYS OFF TO
SAVE BATT is displayed on the centerstack infotainment display to notify the driver that battery protection actions are active. To
clear the load shed state, restart the vehicle.

This will serve as a reference for future threads about that [grinking]

EDIT: Further informations

Audio Extended Play

This feature allows the audio system to operate with the ignition OFF, regardless of door latch position. When the power button
on the FCIM (Radio console) is pressed, audio system functionality is enabled and remains active for a period of 60 minutes. To turn the audio
system off, the power button on the FCIM is pressed. Audio extended play is disabled if the battery saver function is enabled (if it met any triggers in the previous quote)
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