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of 2007 dog bones and duratec pcv and things

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Well, I figured I would post a few notes about my latest project(s) and issues in case somebody needs the info.

First I'll touch on the torque strut mount, aka dogbone. I mentioned this in another thread but it was sort of buried. I went to change mine the other night and found out the car has a mount from an '08. I'll attached a pic. Mount on the left in the pic is what was on the car. Has anybody else with a 2007 run across this? I am thinking maybe my dealership installed it when they did some work a few months ago and am wondering if maybe this is causing my shudder during acceleration. I didn't do the swap since the bolts wouldn't fit the smaller mount.

Next is the good ole PCV hose. I swapped mine this evening. Oh what fun. I used the Dorman hose kit 46034 but swapped out the spring clamps for hose clamps. The Dorman hose has the correct bends but looks to be a smaller ID than the factory hose. Sort of like the Toyota heater hose some have used. I bought one of those too but went with the Dorman when I found it was only slightly more $. and oh what I treat it was to slide the hose on the pcv valve with the intake in place...grrr

A couple of things I did different to pull the intake. I dropped the fans, but didn't completely remove them. I just left the assembly laying in the lower splash shield. I had to loosen the fuel rail to get the intake to clear for removal. No radiator lowering or removing shrouds or such was needed. I also found all the intake bolts are the same size. I cleaned the carbon and good stuff from the intake and flaps but didn't disable the flaps. I think it clatters louder now than when dirty but oh well. Reminds me of a solid lifter muscle car. I don't have the $ for a new intake. Pics of that are attached too.

It does run and idle a bit better, but still shudders under load when accelerating.