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OEM MK1 Chrome Headlights

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a. Your Item Description: I've got a set of first gen chrome headlights that are coming off a 2001 Focus SE sedan. Parting the car out so I no longer need to keep these around. They are in great shape with only minor stone chips on the lenses; a result of 12 winters. No flaking clear coat and absolutely no fading or yellowing of the lenses. The upper tab on the passenger side light is broken (thanks to a Bambi) but all other tabs are in great shape. Still sealed from the factory so no need to worry about moister getting inside.

These are factory Ford headlight so no need to worry about poor fitment or deteriorating plastics. Great for replacing broken or faded headlights on your car or a start to a set of project headlights.

b. Your Location: Lowville, ny

c. Your Asking Price: No longer for sale

d. Any Related Photos:

e. Person placing ad: Me

f. Contact Information: This thread or PM
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Bump. Just as a reminder, these are Or Best Offer. Feel free to offer me any price. Depending on location, shipping is a large factor in the price so closer member will can get a lower price.
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