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that process where you hold down the trip button when starting. well i have 2 questions. what is it called and does anyone know what all the different things it shows are.

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Test Mode
The digital odometer in your car can actually serve multiple functions when in "Test" mode. it'll tell you your speed (In either KPH or MPH), RPM, engine temperature, and a several other nice bits of data that you might prefer to see in digital form.
Step 1
With the car off and the key out of the ignition, push and hold the trip odometer reset button.
Step 2
Start the car (or just turn the key to the "on" position) while still holding the reset button.
Step 3
After a few seconds, the odometer will read "Test". You may let go of the reset button at this point.
Step 4
Use the reset button to toggle through all the choices. They aren't labeled, so a little common sense is needed. (I.E. If one choice reads anywhere between 650-800 at idle, that's probably your tach)
Step 5
"Test" mode will continue until the car is shut off. Once the car is restarted, the odometer will go back to the original odometer screen you're familiar with viewing. Note: Each time you enter "Test" mode, your trip odometer will reset itself.
..Hope this helps.
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