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So i was running late this morning and didnt get a chance to get out and warm up my car. I jumped in, hit the key, and got a very lopey response. My RPMs were right around 900-1100 at idle, everything read fine, just really wierd engine noise, lots of light dimming. Waited 2 or 3 minutes to see if it would even out and it did not, so i figured maybe a little motion would wash things out.

Stop to go went good, first LEFT turn tho she started choking out. If any of you have dealt with the old zetec fuel pumps, it kinda felt like taking the hiway ramps with less than a half a tank, except going left.

First stop sign the idle was way high, 2k. from that go i noticed that my lights stayed fluctuating even while driving.

Second stop, idle came down, not to where id like it. lights were starting to calm down.

this was all within a mile of the house..

about 5 miles later, all was settled. got to work, shut her down, rebooted (sorry im a pc tech) and all was fine..

wtf happened?


Car Info:
00 zx3
2.0 Zetec
Flexback exhaust
oil is changed regularly, infact it was changed saturday (4 days ago)
i generally try to keep up on the routine maintenance.

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hmm im thinking maybe alternator is going out soon? or possibly your battery is?
my cars power always fluctuates on a cold startup until it warms up

you can always do an alternator test by loosening your negative cable on the battery dont take it off,start the car the disconnect the negative battery if the car continues to run off the alternator then its fine i it doesnt then you kno your alternator is going bad

also try to make sure your battery connections are'nt loose
check your timing belt as well you may need a new one soon
do you get any accessory "whine"?
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