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Odd isolated "jolt" while driving (SPI)

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Hi! So right now, since so far it's only happened once, I'm not too incredibly worried but I was wondering if anyone here would have any ideas what could make a car seem to jolt while driving?

I know that's a very vague question but a google search turned up too many unrelated results that it was difficult to find ones that may be relevant. Basically last night I was driving my husband to work, I was driving around 80kpm (approx 40mph) when I felt a very random jolt/bump. Normally I would think that I had simply hit a bump or pothole in the road however I've driven this road many times and I know there is nothing in that stretch that I might hit. My husband didn't says he didn't feel anything unusual.

As I said, so far it's only happened once and if didn't happen again when I tried to replicate it on my way home from dropping him off. I just took my car in last Monday to Meineke for an oil change & brake service and ask them to give it a good once over to make sure everything looked good before winter fully arrives and they said things looked good.

I'm going to see if it happens again later today when I drive to work and/or when I take my husband to work this evening. I'm hoping that it's an isolated occurrence, which while it would be odd and slightly confusing, would at least hopefully mean nothing was seriously in need of repair.

In the meanwhile, if anyone has any possible ideas of what could have caused it I would be extremely grateful.
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Moved to General Tech Chat for more looks (revised title to show SPI).

First guess of mine would be a "miss", as in a cylinder didn't fire when it should have.

If it happens more, think about when plugs were changed/look at wire connections (plug wire & coil)/look in plug holes for water/check coil - regular list of ignition checks first starting with the easiest to look at.

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I had the spark plugs & wires all replaced last fall, and I've driven less than 10,000 km (approx 6,000 miles) since then. So hopefully it's not them.

As for my transmission, it's an automatic transmission. This was actually my first thought, something in the shifting between gears. However, like I said, I tried to see if I could make it happen again by driving at the same speed and nothing I did could replicate it.
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