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Hi there !
Wanted to open another thread, with more specific descriptions.

So first of all I want to say that this tranny sits in a 09 Focus and has no up shift roughness at all, nor does it have any codes.
The motor mounts are brand new (OEM and Febi Bilstein on the bottom)

The problem is this:
Imagine driving on a city center incline, coming to a bumper, letting off the throttle, going over the bumper on your way up the slight incline, and then coming to push the throttle again to pull ahead. That last throttle has a delayed response, which will jerk the transmission. Not a slip per se, because it's not revving in neutral, but you push the throttle and power delivery isn't smooth, it gives an obivous thump.

It only happens in very specific cases like I mentioned so maybe once or twice a day.. The general idea is slow driving with letting off/on the throttle in 1st or 2nd.

It doesn't happen in my other, older Focus with what I believe is the same transmission. Although, this one is a 2.0L Duratec, the other focus is a much weaker 1.6 so maybe the tranny likes the weaker engine better.

ATF/Filter is new with service intevals at 40k and 60k (currently 61k)
, although I can try another partial change.

Any ideas of this behavior ? Could a transmission "semi slip" in some cases but be fine in others, and not show codes ?
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