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OBX 4-2-1 compared to OBX 4-1

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I recently purchased on Ebay, An OBX 4-2-1 Header Long tube.
Well i was wondering why i hadn't received it yet. Turns out the seller has sold out of it and offered me the OBX 4-1 header.

here is the link to the product on EBAY:

obx 4-2-1 header long tube

heres the link to the product he's offering me:

OBX 4-1 header

I want to know what the difference is between the two before i give him my answer.

He claims the obx 4-1 header give more HP gains than the one piece long tube.

Someone PLEASE help me!! All info is greatly appreciated! [thumb] [thumb]

Thanks everyone!

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Generally speaking, a 4-1 header will give you higher peaks gains, meaning more top end power, but a 4-2-1 header will be a more rounded header. You will have less top end gain, but you will gain a little in the lower end.

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4-2-1 is superior in all ways to a 4-1 shorty...a long-tube header beats a shorty header any day of the week. The 4-1 shorties really aren't much better than the stock header with an ORP/highflow cat. Unless retaining the cat or being able to reinstall it without taking the header off is important you should go with the 4-2-1.

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thanks guys.

are any of the current auctions for the 4-2-1 header's any good to trust?

ill have to tell the guy to send my money back and i dont want the 4-1

ill stick with the 4-2-1 long tube


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4-2-1 is your best bet anyway, bummer about the dude running out . they shouldn't be able to list something that's not in stock, that not right getting your hopes up like that[:(]
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