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O2 sensors

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Hey focus family..i have a problem i have a 03 svt and it has 64k on it, and sometime in dec of 07 check engine light came on and it said that BOTH my
O2 sensors where bad.. [bigcry] i put 4 sets of o2 sensors in(upstream and downstream) and i jus replace it last week, and bam, came on again..So did anybody have this problem b4 and what they did to correct it.

thanks guys

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blah blah....i bought a defective motorcraft o2 from the dealership! i asked them to warranty it. but in order to do that, i need a pinpoint test performed on the sensor to PROVE that it is faulty. guess how much the test costs.....yup, same price as a new sensor. F that!

so i bought a bosch. 3 weeks later and no problems. we will see. they also have a 12/12 warranty.
btw, the downstream "sensor" is simply a Cat monitor and will NOT hurt engine performance if it fails.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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