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Notchy Gear Changes/'Baggy' shifts - Advice

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Ford Focus Mk1 (Pre-facelift). 2004. 1.6 Zetec.

Not currently a major issue, although i'd like to have it looked it...

Changing between 1, 2 & 3 when the car is moving (clutch fully down and disengaged), feels clunky/notchy. No grinding. Gears stay in. No problem when stationary. Gears slide in and out easily. Possibly worse when cold, but still there even when warmed up good and proper after a 25 minute drive (having been through all the gears).

Clutch has a good bit of meat on it. 1/3 to mid level bite point.

All gears also feel a little 'baggy'. Always need to be a little careful to not go from 4th to 1st. Cables might need tightening?

Any advice? Would a lower viscosity oil/oil change help?

This is the only thing that's bothering me about the car. Now the tracking is sorted and I have new front tyres the car is a much better drive.