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Good Morning All,
Well I'm (we) are not new to Foci, we had an original ZX3 SVT many years ago. And looking back regretfully sold it after 4 years.

That brings us to Saturday, my wife has an F250 with the dreaded 6.0 diesel that recently has been costing $1,000 a month just to make it run another month. So we have made the decision to have the motor rebuilt and "bullet proofed" as well as having the entire wiring system under the hood replaced which will take a couple months and its almost snow season here. So we were in need of a stand in vehicle while her truck is out of commission. Our other vehicles are a 350Z (say snow out loud and it's stuck) and my F350 which I need for my 25 mile commute.

We started the search for a front wheel drive that looked good and now that we live in Northwest Ohio (United Autoworkers Country) it needs to be American Made or at the very least an American Brand. I made the mistake of taking my Nismo Nissan 350Z to a cruise in and was escorted off the property! So having the regret of selling our last Focus we started looking at used Foci. We looked at a couple ST's but those really aren't bad weather cars so we settled on a SE or SEL hatch. We found a silver SE 6 speed that the wife really liked so I called the dealership and spent the next 2 days back and forth with them however in the end the sales lady blew us off. Back on the hunt again and Friday I discovered this Yellow Blaze SE in Michigan so Saturday morning we drove up there, the wife loves it (her last Focus was bright yellow, the Nismo is bright yellow and if she had her way her F250 would be bright yellow) so I made them an offer of Clean Trade cash and she now has her new car. Only after we bought it did one of the kids at the dealership tells us that this particular color is only 1 of 400 that Ford painted that color. Don't know the validity of that statement but wife is happy.
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