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Sorry I posted this so late I have been so busy trying to get the SHO ready for sale.

It starts in indiana and ends in Joliet, Illinois.

You don't have to go to all the events. You can register for some of them. the Dyno day is always fun.

You can spectate the track. There is a car show on the Saturday.

this is a real fun event and good people and knowledgable people to hang with.

The more people that show up the cheaper it is for everbody.

Saturn Performance Club

click on the Annual Club Rally link and you will find the registration info.

Personally I am not going to the dragstrip but I am spectating the track ( you can go on rides too) and I will participating in the Dyno and car show. You don't have to be a member to attend. I have attended their events 3 times before and they never gave me any grief over never owning a Saturn.

I promise this will be fun, anybody that registers can meet at my place or a general location agreed on by everybody.

Like I said sorry about short notice and sorry about it being so close to last weekend meet.

and remember you have to register to participate at the track as you will not be able to get into the Autobahn Country club. It is a members only track and so non-members are not allowed in unless they are there for an event.
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