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After a long circuitous path, I'm the owner of a new Focus Titanium sedan. I have a motorhome and towed a Jeep Grand Cherokee, until we decided to buy a smaller house with a small garage. The GC and my wife's MKT were going to be a very tight fit, which is the perfect excuse for a new car :)

After some research, I bought a 2014 Fiesta ST. The problem was that it was not towable. That handy little piece of information was not easy to find. The manual said it was towable. Apparently there is something about the six speed tranny. The Focus ST is also not towable. A dolly or trailer is required.

I bought a dolly and have used it since May. It's a royal pain in the ass so I started searching for a different car. My first choice was a Focus Titanium with the 5 speed manual, nav, etc. It's easier to find big foot. We're traveling now and I visited some dealers after searching inventories. I settled on a Focus Titanium sedan with nav so I could keep much of the goodies from the ST. The C-Max was on the list of possibilities and has some cool tech, but I couldn't justify the extra cost for my needs. I drove one. It's based on the Focus chassis so handling isn't Prius appliance-like.

I'm happy with the choice. The Focus isn't a pseudo-WRC maniac, but it handles well and the ride is a lot better. We have some pretty broken pavement, making the more compliant ride a plus. The DCT isn't that bad...I kinda like it, especially in Sport mode. I prefer a manual, but wanted the Titanium features more. I loved the Recaro seats in the ST, but the Focus seats are fine.

Yesterday, I got a wild hair and decided to drive back to the house, through Salt River Canyon, grab the title, spare key and hatch cover, then back to Tucson. Between that and driving around Tucson, I probably spent ten hours driving the car. My wife was there the whole time and the Focus got her seal of approval. The car pulled well up 8% grades. My dog was in the back and didn't get sick, a huge win for the Focus [twothumbs]
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