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So Brian (ibadsvtwgn) and I went to TPS's all ford car show today. We had a great time and got to see quality cars. So onto the pics!

100_0675 by [email protected], on Flickr

Same car.

100_0683 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0682 by [email protected], on Flickr

Don't know what this is...

100_0681 by [email protected], on Flickr

But it had a Cobra motor.

100_0680 by [email protected], on Flickr

Mmmm Bullit

100_0679 by [email protected], on Flickr

And its satin black to boot.

100_0678 by [email protected], on Flickr

Purple people eater.

100_0678 by [email protected], on Flickr

Wheels are hot.

100_0676 by [email protected], on Flickr

Too much stuff

100_0674 by [email protected], on Flickr

But the wide body makes up for it.

100_0673 by [email protected], on Flickr


100_0670 by [email protected], on Flickr

Dude has a really long right arm.

100_0671 by [email protected], on Flickr

Interesting seating.

100_0672 by [email protected], on Flickr


100_0669 by [email protected], on Flickr


100_0668 by [email protected], on Flickr

Damn is this a Mustang, a Focus, or a Honda?

100_0667 by [email protected], on Flickr

My favorite car at the show. The attention to detail was incredible.

100_0666 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0665 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0664 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0662 by [email protected], on Flickr

Oh my...

100_0660 by [email protected], on Flickr

Hella flush yo!

100_0661 by [email protected], on Flickr


100_0659 by [email protected], on Flickr

Completely Stock

100_0658 by [email protected], on Flickr


100_0656 by [email protected], on Flickr

Thats a huge b1tch!

100_0657 by [email protected], on Flickr

Next to mine, the cleanest bay today.

100_0651 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0652 by [email protected], on Flickr

Ford Racing?

100_0654 by [email protected], on Flickr

Polished intake on a super duper coupe.

100_0653 by [email protected], on Flickr

Lots o stangs

100_0644 by [email protected], on Flickr

There was more t-birds that Focus'

100_0645 by [email protected], on Flickr

1st place in the compacts, a stock Saleen.

100_0647 by [email protected], on Flickr

3rd place SVT Contour. Mmm EAPs!

100_0649 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0648 by [email protected], on Flickr

2nd place Brian's SVT wagon.

100_0684 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0641 by [email protected], on Flickr


100_0642 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0643 by [email protected], on Flickr

100_0646 by [email protected], on Flickr

And what a better way to finish off a car show, Hooters.

100_0696 by [email protected], on Flickr

Then we saw the douche...

100_0695 by [email protected], on Flickr

And thats pretty much it!

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F# ck that saleen dude !!!!

That rat rod is sweet

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That Yellow thing is called Qvale Mangusta.

Nice pics btw.

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Judging was done by the attendies. I'm not worried about it, I had fun and got to hang out with good friends, thats all that matters.

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That 1956. Ford F-100 is cool and the chopped 1930 five window is badass but gets a fail cause it has a chevy in it. Remember this is a all ford show duh! Any car club plaques on them? I have a five window in my car club too but has a built rocket 88 v8 with 2-4 barrels and a 4 spd[gunfire]

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Thanks for the pics guys! sorry I coudn't make it out there to join you :( Congrats on second place Brian!! -cars look sick!

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Pictures look great Chris, wish I could have made it over there.

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Dude your ass looks killer. The gold, white and CF trunk just mesh together perfectly!

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Dude your ass looks killer. The gold, white and CF trunk just mesh together perfectly!
Thanks man. I just may be working out a deal to pick up CF hood too [woot]

now that is a car id wax
Man everytime I read one of your post it makes no sense to me. Not to be a dick, but I can't figure out what your saying half the time.
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