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I own a 2012 Focus. It has Titanium trim which was why I chose this car, despite being a Focus. I knew the chance I was taking after reading reviews on this model along with the Fiesta model (I owned an 1980 Fiesta in the 90s). I bought my >$10k Focus Oct.'15 with 47k mi.; It now has 109k. Sept. '19 the car went to Ford Dealer for notified transmission warranty extension received a week earlier. History of lagging acceleration, surges, and missed shifts. Check Engine light indicator on also. I assumed it to be O2 exhaust sensor until missed shifts. I maintained PMs as scheduled, but eluded the light. Other issues with car are, a melting connection on p headlamp(which I manually clear and reattach), and the pesky skid/splash plate under motor(darn thing don't like deeper fluffy snow) it fills with snow and melts gets heavy ,sags and eventually falls off somehow; Been replaced twice.
Maintenance performed at service recall was replace PCM and update. I received a improved trans in return (check engine still on(before it would go on/off and change performance), but after a couple weeks turned off, like before). Was told that the light would be a separate service call; No details. Last week the light came back on and so did the lagging trans. I really don't want to go start another car contract, I want to fix my fairly good Focus that I had many miles of happy driving in before trans issues appeared. All else is good with this Michigan Focus (winter driven without Trac Con on) 15" 215/55 goodyear Triple Tread tire on custom rim. I drive cornfield roads all year round, nervous of inevitable collision with a deer.
I'm willing to try alternative trans. But, after reading the thread I don't think it's possible. 'throwing good money after bad'

Is there a reliable alternative trans within a reasonable expense and modification time for this car?
Would love to share my experience with my Focus.
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