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- No power at all. Even when slaving the vehicle off of a booster box. No Dom lights. No power what so ever.
Before the power went out, the vehicle was giving a passenger side fuse error code.
Vehicle had power until one of my kids was playing music and killed the battery. The tried to use the jumper box and claim they hooked it up right. Ended up having to tow the vehicle home.
I suspect the positive and negectives were reversed.
Battery was test and is good.

Trying to locate the master fuse or relay to try to check if that is the problem. Unable to locate anything wrong.

About the vehicle:
2014 ford focus SE with salvaged title from a driver side rear impact.
Currently only two fuse box are able to be located.
The third from understanding is located in the trunk on the driver side of the vehicle. I removed most the interior trim and no fuse box.

Checking the altenator positive right now. Any one dealt with a simpler situation or have advise?

Thank in advance. No I don't have the cash to take it to the shop for a diagnosis.
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