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First I would like to say thanks to everyone for their posts. Made my job easier.

I did stop the leaks in my 2007 5 door. No more water in the spare tire well.
These are the areas I siliconed around.

1. The hatch latches.

2. The pressure relief vents at the rear corners. I siliconed around the perimeter of these. You need to remove the fascia to get to these. Be careful not to break the snaps off. 2 at the top and one at the bottom. The snap engagement is not tight enough and as the seal wears it loses its seal.

3. I made foam gaskets and put them under the tail light tab in the hatch well. Use adhesive backed foam. It only has to be thick enough to get above dimple for the screw clip. You only have to divert the water around the screw hole. Be carful not to tighten the screws to tight. With the foam in there you will crack the tab.

4. This is the tough one. There is a seam that runs next to the pressure rielf vents. You have to get your hand into the access hole and apply the silicone with your finger. Reach up as high as you can and you will feel a corner pocket. This pocket is at the top corner of the bumper fascia. I put alot of silicone in the corner pocket and packed the seam all the way down to the floor.

5. The corners at the bottom of the hatch well wear it meets the fascia. There is a body steel seam there. Run a bead along this seam. Do this when you have the fascia off so you can get the lower part of the seam. For good measure I ran a nice juicy amount of silicone at the corner of the fascia and the hatch well (after I reinstalled the fascia). Then I ran the bead about 4 inches along the fascia were it meets the body steel in the hatch well. DO NOT DO THE ENTIRE EDGE. The water needs somewhere to drain. The hatch hides this when closed. I am going to make a rubber flap to cover this. this should work even better.

This should help. It rained last night and my car was bone dry.
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