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i got his code. my symtoms r described below.
how to i reset the Inertia fuel shutoff switch?

P1233 - Fuel System Disabled or Offline LS6/LS8:
For LS6/LS8, P1233 indicates the PCM is not receiving the fuel level information on SCP from the rear electronics module (REM). Refer to the Workshop Manual Section 413-01 for diagnostics.
All Others:
The PCM monitors the fuel pump monitor (FPM) circuit from the fuel pump driver module (FPDM). With the key on, the FPDM continuously sends a duty cycle signal to the PCM through the FPM circuit. The test fails if the PCM stops receiving the duty cycle signal. Inertia fuel shutoff (IFS) switch needs to be reset
Open FPDM ground circuit
Open or shorted FPM circuit
Damaged IFS switch
Damaged FPDM
Damaged PCM
Also for Escort/Tracer and Mustang:
Open FPDM PWR circuit
Open B+ circuit to constant control relay module (CCRM) pin 11
Open ground to CCRM pin 18 (Mustang)
Damaged CCRM
Also for Continental:
Open VPWR circuit to FPDM
The PCM expects to see one of the following duty cycle signals from the FPDM on the FPM circuit: 1) 50% (500 msec on, 500 msec off), all OK. 2) 25% (250 msec on, 750 msec off), FPDM did not receive a fuel pump (FP) duty cycle command from the PCM, or the duty cycle that was received was invalid. 3) 75% (750 msec ON, 250 OFF), the FPDM has detected a fault in the circuits between the FPDM and the fuel pump.

when i start my car i have only about 1-6psi fuel pressure just enough to keep it idleing. it will stay at 1-6 only until i move the car. when i move the car it will SLOWLY build psi up to 57 then drop and setle at 39 then it fine until i restart the car in the morning the next day.
the CEL didnt come on but i got this code P1233.
so my question is how to i reset the Inertia fuel shutoff switch?

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i found the switch and i followed the steps for reseting it and i was able to press it in. so does that mean that it was triggered some how? i was also able to drive it. i never hit anything or played with the fuel system in anyway? i dont get it???
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