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Hi Everyone,
I'm the owner of a 2013 - FOCUS SW 1,6 SCTi 6 manual transmission 6 gears - Keyless - stop an start
Three weeks ago I had "No crank , No start" issue,
- when I press the start button I can hear a relay under the dashboard but nothing else, no crank
I've no indication on the dashboard, all system are OK, no alarm, no strange behavior of the needles, red "info" signal in the middle of the dashboard is not active (exempt when I open the door)
Call for a jump start, wo success : no crank, exactly the same behavior

I first try to read several posts, just to get a rapid overview of the possible causes : here's what I did in order:
After each step, I had a test without any evolution of the behavior,
1- Test with the second key,
2- test with the key inserted in the "emergency"port close to the column,
3- Had battery tested (7years) : 10,6 volts, I replaced the battery by V--TA EFB E46 model
4- I've carefully checked the terminals, grounding is clean, at reception voltage was 12,46V
5- Tested relays and fuses under the hood : R10 starter, R16 Ignition relays are good, all fuses are good
6- Tested the fuses under the dash bord (passenger side), in particular the F78 (7,5A) : all good,
7- No evidence of corrosion on the connectors
8- Test of the clutch pedal switches : both of them are OK (S&T and starter)
9- Just to be sure, I've decided to replace the starter switch located far away under the dash board. Let's say that it is a bit entertaining! Replacement done by a new one (origin Ford),
10- check the voltage across the solenoid of the R10 relay (ports 1&2) when I press the start button : no voltage,
11- I've performed a BMS reset directly by pressing the rear fog lamp button x5, hazard switch x3, after few seconds, the battery symbol on the dash is flashing three times,

And I'm still in the same situation. If you have any suggestion, I would be extremely grateful (I've no diagnostic car code reader, only multimeter and time).

2006 ZXW SE, starting its new life as a sleeper
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I literally switched out my starter yesterday on my 2006 for this problem, with success, but that's not to say you would have the same solution.
To be clear, you're saying that the relay is clicking, but there is no voltage getting to it? That seems not quite right. One of those things seems likely to be incorrect, since if it's clicking, it's because the magnet is seeing voltage.

In terms of seeing codes, you could try the test mode:
(I think this is your generation of car)

My next step would be to check for a jammed starter: If you can, try to get someone to try starting it while you hit the starter with a hammer. If it starts, you know that it's getting stuck when trying to engage. I hit mine without anyone cranking and it got running again, though I couldn't trust it not to strand me and so I did the swap, which revealed a starter with way too much play in the 15 year old bearings.
If it doesn't work, you're not behind, if it does, you've diagnosed the problem.
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