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no clutch pedal pressure

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so i had my clutch replaced a couple months ago and the pressuse on the pedal was good then it would be like on off some times the pressure would be hard then sometimes none. now it is pretty much no pressuse at all but it still shifts fine. everyonce in awhile it gets pressure but only if i have been driving down the free way for a long time i shift once after i get off the freeway then there is no pressure again
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I am having the same problem this afternoon. i started the car to warm it up before taking off and the clutch pedal started sticking to the floor so after a few pumps it became stiffer, but when i put it in 1st gear and barely even released it by a half an inch and the car jumped and stalled out. when i got out to see if it was leaking there was a steady drip on the pavement. now the pressure came back and it isnt leaking as much. I dont know what the problem could be because i checked the reservoir and the level barely went down at all and it isnt cracked or leaking from there. i cant find a leak on any of the lines but maybe im not looking hard enough

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Welcome to FF!

FYI, in posting an issue it's usually better to start a new thread for your problem than re-open an old one. Reason for this - threads with few replies get more attention since readers can see it's a "new" problem for someone rather than an ongoing discussion.

Now for your issue:

1. With the pedal dropping to the floor, I'm betting the return spring is broken. Mine was for a couple years, no problem until something else goes wrong in most cases (I just had to lift it to engage cruise occasionally). CAN make it hard for the system to "bleed" itself (pump up) as you need to raise the pedal yourself rather than letting the spring do it. Easy fix for that, it's right out in the open.

2. The likely BIG problem. If everything else is clean (no drips), and your leak comes from the 'bell housing" area (right next to the oil pan), the leak would be from the slave cylinder which is mounted INSIDE the housing and surrounds the input shaft for the transmission. Repair involves removing the transmission, so unless the clutch has recently been replaced you'd want to do that as well while it's apart.

As to the fluid level not being down noticeably, you can have quite a drip (puddle) B4 the level would drop enough to notice.

First step - Check close on just where you have that drip!

By the way, the slave cyl. bleeder screw & hose connection is at the top of that bellhousing, right next to the engine, and the bottom of the housing has a small hole to let out any moisture, oil, brake fluid that may accumulate in there - that's the spot to look for your drip.


P.S. - have you looked under the dash for any drips yet? The master cyl. is under there and drips often come down the pedal when it starts leaking. Did mine last year & it's an inexpensive part. if it's leaking you'd want to do that at the same time as well.
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