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No Clutch Pedal Pressure

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Hey Guys,
It's only until now, after owning my SVT for 2 years, that I haven't been able to find something on here that i need help with. Love the site.

I've read numerous different subjects on the matter of the clutch master cylinder failing with obvious symptoms of brake fluid on the pedal. I recently lost pressure in my lines after trying to start my car 50+ times when my starter had a bad connection while I was stranded out in BFE. I researched the matter of our clutch system and at first I assumed it was the infamous Master Cylinder but upon further inspection, I have absolutely no sign of fluid inside the cockpit but when removing the MC i did notice fluid around the lower clutch line.

In a nutshell: I want to know if anyone has had their MC fail without the obvious fluid leak onto the pedal or if this is just a blown o-ring on the pressure lines that i simply need to replace. It only took 20 minutes to get the MC out so I wouldn't be bothered to do some experimenting before shelling out 30 bucks + gas to go get a new MC "just in case."

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After a lot of diagnosing I finally came to the conclusion that the master cylinder had failed even though it was not having the tell-tale signs of failure
(fluid leaking onto pedal). I believe that, although it seemed to be leak-free externally, the seal inside that holds the pressure in the line going to the slave cylinder had failed. It made the master cylinder have a 'squishy' noise whenever the pedal was pushed in; this was probably air bubbles and fluid running past the failure point in the seal.

Hope this helps someone out![cheers]
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