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Show Yourselves!!! lol
I really love my Focus. I have an '03 ZTS ((ya know, 2.3...blah blah)). I'm an ass and bought an Automatic. I want to add a little oomf into my Foci but I seriously don't know where to begin. I'm hoping some of my NJ Foci friends can help. I really don't want to get rid of my Focus because A) She's my baby and B) I really can't afford anything else HAHA
Do we have any meets at all? I'd like to take a look at some other Foci and get more or less of an idea of what I idealy want from my Focus.
I was thinking about a CAI or SRI, tower strut bar, throwing a Euro Grill on, and a few other things. Seriously, Cat-backs sound stupid on Automatics so that's not on my list...
Please help! [?|]
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