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Nitrous on stock SVT tune..

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I post on another forum all the time (LSX cars) & have 200 shot on my truck, but I don't know much about these cars.

Anyway, my friend has an 04 SVT Focus & we were planning on putting a dry 75 shot on his car.

Just want to make a pass or 2 at the track against our friend with his turbo jetta LOL.

Do we need to change the plugs a step colder?..Heard the plugs on the SVT already came with colder ones this true?

How much can you spray (dry) on stock tune with 93 oct?

I know timing is usually set pretty low on stock tunes, so I was hoping we could get away with the 75..maybe throw 100 oct in there to be safe.

Thanks for the info.
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I would NOT do a dry shot on an SVT, actually, not a big fan of dry shots anyway, the max out most stock injectors.

The SVT's are far pickier on the spray than the zx3. Colder plugs, and a richer fuel pill than is called for on the wet system as well. I would REALLY recomend a tune for a 75 shot on that car...We have seen plenty of burnt valves on SVT's.
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