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Ok I have been trying to install my nitrous system for a while now and used THIS diagram to figure out how to wire it. After hours of trying to figure out whats wrong I came up with that the switch in the relay wont flip over, even though I am getting power into it through all my switches plus through a separate connection straight to my battery. It just wont turn the switch. Now what I am thinking is that the magnet inside the relay which is getting power through all the switches (window switch, fuel pressure switch, arming and open throttle switch) doesn't get enough current to operate the switch in the relay that activates the solenoids. I manual pressed the switch and the solenoids work fine. So basically what i am saying is that in the above posted diagram I am getting power to the black, white and red wire(tested all those with volt meter got around 12 volt on all three), but no power to the green one which is the one switched by the magnet.

hopefully u can follow me.

Any help is appreciated
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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