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nice rims on a focus - trying to figure out what they are

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okay i saw these on a nice sonic blue 05 or 06 down in san diego (el cajon) i dont know what manufacturer those rims are.. anyone can tell me? or better yet if you own these wheels.. looks like ky--- something..

whoops forgot the pic..
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a guy that lives by me has those i think there ugly but thats just me i think he got them off some ebay company
02specv said:
look like konig knockoffs.
yeah they do
yeah for sure

they deffentetly look like the konig troubles i think thats what they are called

i agree i think they look nice too
my freind just got a set
blue and black rims with polish ummm idk but nice rims [dunno]
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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