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well of those of you that have seen my car you know what i have done to it. i want most of this car done by december with paint and details done by january.

which part should i work on first? i have 4 sections. suspension, motor, interior, exterior.

suspension would include: shocks and struts, bushings, strut bar, rear sway, wheels and tires

motor would include: shorty header, flexpipe, sct flasher, dyno tune, samco radiator hoses

interior would include: svt seats with custom green inserts, new carpet, new headliner, a pillars dyed black, nitrous gauges and air fuel gauges

exterior would include: st170 bumpers, rieger r-rx front st170 lip, svt side skirts, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber hatch, retint the front windows, re shoot the car in stock amazon green

what do you guys think i should do first? i am thinking suspension.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts