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Newbie from Holland

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Hi there,

My name is Dave, 42 years old and living in Holland near the city called Eindhoven.

I'm owning a tangerine scream Focus MK3 ST pre-facelift for about a year now. After driving a company car for about 15 years I found it was time to have an enjoyable car again. I already had in mind it needed to be a Ford Focus MK3 ST and fell in love on first sight with the tangerine scream color. Absolutely loving this car each day of driving it and currently getting into some minor mods as I (still) like originality.

After searching some things I came across very usefull information on Focus Fanatics. Therefore I've registered to join the community.
Keep up the good work!

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood
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This is a nice colour. There’s one in my neighbourhood also. Watch out for rust in front of the rear wheel wells. I saw some on the car here but we live in harsh winter condition.

Feel free to ask questions. It’s free!
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