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Got oil in the spark plug well:
Summer of 21 had to helicoil plug #3 (L>R)
Last summer it was plug #2 🤦🏻‍♂️. Last night had to replace headlights so while I had the hood open figured I'd check the plugs. Plugs 1&4 were good pull the coil pack off #3 and the whole area was filled with oil same with #2... So the 2 middle plug wells were full of oil. Everything I've read says either valve cover gasket or O-rings for the plug cylinder. It was late last night so i just put the coilpacks back on and now she's misfiring obv due to the oil getting in the boot(wasn't in there till i pulled it off the
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plug)To me it seems like something else being that it is the 2 plugs I had to helicoil. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated...That is plug #3 & #2 looks the same...
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