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hey guys, i FINALLY got these RVM wheels off of ebay and was curious as to if you guys think they will work. i have an 02 zx3 focus, and my current tires are Fuzion HRi 205/40/17's. i was wanting to make sure before i have them attempted at being mounted that they will fit. the auction for them said they will fit all focus's and that the bolt pattern is 4x108 which is what i have based on tire rack and other various places reference. the following is straight off hte box i just received.....

Item 581
PCD- Blank
ET- 40
CB- 74.1

with this information, will these things fit or not. please let me know. thanks guys, i will post pics if they do fit. later guys.....[paranoid][8] [8] [8] [8]
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