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My daughter in college has a 2012 Ford Focus SEL. It went into the shop Aug 28 - they thought the intermit start prob was the battery. But it was not they said they saw a wave in the alternator but said it should take it to a full service shop. I did - they recalibrated and ran tests found nothing. Picked up car. Started not starting again took it back they ran more tests said it was the PCM - and that is should be covered by FORD. Took to Ford they say it is the TCM and it is 4 months too late to be covered by the TSB. Worse they are months away from getting in TCM. Since there was a bulletin and others have had this problem - can anyone tell me where I can take the car to get a TCM? I realize that even though I did not know about the issue, if it is beyond the TSB FORD will just order the part and sit on it until the months go by. Is there anywhere to get a TCM?
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