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Just picked up a 2013 SE from my elderly parents who wanted to get out from under the payment. I really don't know much about it other than it's got 50k miles on in, needs brakes, and according to them needs the computer to be reset because they left it sitting too long and the battery went dead. It's dirty as hell inside and needs a professional detail job, but I don't think I got hurt too bad by giving 6 thousand for it. I've driven it a couple times in the past, and it's a fun little car with the sport shifter and what I think are imitation leather seats. I had it doing just under 120mph on I95 when the vsl finally kicked in.

I'm going to put slotted/cross drilled rotors on it like I did with my ex wife's Focus, which made a huge difference in stopping power.
As for the computer issue Ive checked Google and see I can get a whole new one for less than 200 bucks if I need to.
I'd really like to do a few more things to it, maybe put like 2k into bolt ons. The thing is though I can't find much. Pretty much just a Pedal Commander for 300$. If I could I'd go the intake/programmer/exhaust route but don't know what's available or what to buy. If I can get those I'll probably take the car to SCCA events around here and have some fun with it, and let my girlfriend run it as a daily.
Any info I can get on this would be appreciated.
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