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Hello everyone!

My name is Josh and I just recently purchased my fIrst Focus. I've been stalking the forums for about a week now, reading and learning all I can about these cars and figured it was time to join. So like the title says I'm new to the scene. Focus scene, 4 cylinder and FWD scene as well. I've had 4 mustangs since I got my license (no I didn't wreck any of them lol). I currently have a 2012 Race Red GT/CS. I bought the Focus bc it's supposed to be better on gas and to keep the miles off of the mustang. So the Focus is now my new DD. Anyways here's a little bit about the car.

2002 Black ZX3 bought from the original owner.

109,000 miles, 5 speed Trans, lowered approx. 2" with Eibach Sportline springs (from what I can tell), 17" Exel wheels (never heard of the brand before [dunno]). It has a ground effects kit and headlights which I was told were from the Ford dealer where the PO used to work, and what appears to be a Roush style spoiler on the hatch. The car is super clean on the inside and 7/10 on the outside, just due to 13 years of normal wear and tear. That's pretty much everything!

Thanks for reading!


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