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I purchased my SVT new in May 2004, and have loved it ever since! It has been used as my "every day" vehicle - Why not, it's fun to drive.

As it's getting up there in miles (130K), it's had some issues, but nothing to drastic... First, the list of problems:
- Both driver and passenger heated seats stopped working
- Odometer light stopped working around 80k
- Driver's heated mirror stopped heating
- Headlights became extremely clouded/dull/yellowed
- Sunroof occasionally "acts up" and doesn't close properly
- Driver's door cable/latch broke
- Throttle body sticking in cold weather (2 winters ago)
- Plugged fuel filter (replaced at 90k)
- Stuck thermostat (replaced at 110k)

Now the list of corrections:
- Driving lights "mod"
- I can live w/o heated seats (replacement elements too much $$$)
- Replaced the odometer light (at 128k)
- Replaced the heated mirror (but kept the old one just in case)
- Occasionally have to re-program the home position for the sunroof
- Replaced the latch/cable for drivers door (used part fleaBay purchase)
- Sanded and polished headlights and applied a film (look good as new!)
- Just replaced throttle body with Central Florida Motorsports (nice throttle response!)
- Replaced air filter with standard K&N drop-in replacement

Other considerations:
- I may end up going with Tom's tune in the near future...

This forum is a great resource of information - I hope to keep this car for another 100k miles!!



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Ouch! That sumbich had a hard life. Used to live in the D so I know how hard it is to keep something nice, lol. Do yourself a favor. Put full coverage on it. Go to valley or north brothers and get a second key made. Leave the key in it and park it in Lincoln Park. Cops will find it in SW detroit in like 48 hours completely stripped. Collect $ and then go buy a fresh one.

Made like $1500 on my Taurus when it got jacked. Cops don't do shit about car theft and the insurance there is stupid crazy because of it. Even had the dude on camera and the detective wasn't interested at all. It was a blessing in disguise!!!!!
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