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New to me 2003 ZTW

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I am from Long Island and I bought my 2003 Ford Focus ZTW last year off Craig's List. Got a great deal and it only had 41k on the odometer. I have had many Ford's over the years and just love them. I still have my 2002 F150 which I bought 3 years ago with 20k on the odometer! Even though I find these Fords' with super low miles age does require replacing parts. That's why I love these forums. I am a member of many ford truck forums and Harley Davidson Forums and the info I get has saved me so much time and money it's just awesome to have sites like this. I will help out anyway I can and ask for help when I'm stuck. I do use the search feature all the time and see that this site has one of those custom google search links built in. That's it for me now off to ask some questions lol...

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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