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new to forum, info wanted

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[?|] Great site, almost too much info. I'm would love to hear from anyone on suggestions, pics. I have a 2007 CD silver ZX3, 27k. No frills. crank windows, manual locks, ETC. Want to do some upgrades, rims & tires, clutch, suspension. Bought the car with every intention of driving it 2 years and then upgrade to a V8 powered ride, not a chance in hell now! Love the car, want to step up handling and performance. Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated!
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thanks Peregrine. when you say fatter sway bar, what is the size on the car now? whent to focussport, 24mm is what they have. what about stress bars? guy i work with has some 17's. how about the clutch? stage 1? turbo is more than i can spend right now, mabey a cold air intake?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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