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New To Forum. Hows It Goin. Couple Questions, add-on Crusise Control for the '09

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Hows it goin everybody. I am new to this forum and to the focus owners club. I recently purchased a 2009 ford focus se coupe 5spd, vista blue. it is a great little car, very peppy, and fairly inexpensive.

I have searched the forum already and have a couple questions. i, like others, purchased my car expecting cruise control to be there. however, after getting on the road and home, i realized it is not equipped, my fault, not the dealers. i have read that you can add cruise control to them fairly easily.

from what i have read, this is what i gathered.
1. buy new steering wheel equipped with cruise control buttons.
2. install new steering wheel and hook up wiring.
3. have dealer reflash the computer to accept cruise functions.

is this correct? there are no fuses to install? relays? ect. just have to install steering wheel and reflash? it seems silly for ford not to have cruise functions turned on already. y no just pull a fuse and relay and change the steering wheel? that would make more sense. is anyone sure that a reflash is necessary and they arent pulling your leg and just charging you for installing a fuse? if its true, thats cool. still simple enough. but if it is just a fuse, that would be easier and cheaper for everyone, especially since i have read the new wheel is 200 bucks alone. thanks in advance guys and im glad to have joined the focus owners on here. lata.
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Sounds reasonable... I don't exactly have any personal experience with the new foci's, but Sounds doable. I know that's about the procedure with the '06 and back foci's, but I'm not really sure about the new ones. I recommend re-posting this in the duratec performance section of the forum, they'll know what to tell you. Anyways, welcome to FF!
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