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New rear seating dome(kinda) light

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After putting some LEDS with my headlights I also ordered some 2 1/2" LED strips from Oznium and they were perfect for what I wanted to do since the focus has not rear dome light.

And since I had one left over I decided to redo my hatch light since my speaker box is covering my stock one. I circled it in green for the picture. I have purposely left it loose to I can adjust it in case I need a rear light to work with.

I will take some pics later with some night shots so I can see how bright they are inside the car.
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I have some custom switches inside of my center console. I thought about making a switch in the back seat of the car so a passenger could flip it but I decided to put in in there with my other 2 switches for my vent LEDs and my amps kill switch.
I mounted them from behind the headliner trim (hard plastic piece) that goes around the door. I drilled a hole for each LED and pushed them thru the holes. After looking at the dimples for each LED I knew I had to do it. It just worked out so well.
Here is a shot with the LED's turned off.

Not the best pictures but this is what they look like lit up right now. Gives off ample light for the rear now.

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That's assume! Nice clean install, hope you don't mind if I steal your idea.
Not at all. Its the reason I post them.
Yeah, I opted to just go with one on the driver side. I knew from how much light they put out under my head lights that I would only need one.
On a side note. My Father used to live in UP. He lives in Tacoma now. I used to live there myself a long time ago.
No, I already had the 2.5" Nippled LED's from when I bought the 9" strips for the headlights. There was no point in buying others. This way I was able to flush them into the door trim.
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