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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I just picked up my Ford focus 2012 sterling grey titanium with leather and sunroof package!

Let me just this is an awesome car that does not feel like it belongs in the compact car class!

Couple of minor annoyances so far.
1. Position of accelerator is to far to the right. I find that I have to lean my leg against the right side of the dash to have semi-good contact

2. Speedometer is kind of small. Is there any way to get the small LCD to display your km/h? I find i have to take my eyes off the road to see how fast Im going because I cant tell cuz the car us so darn quiet!! :)

1. I figured out to lock the car with my keyless entry but I cant consistently activate the alarm from the door latch with the key in my pocket. Any Idea?
2. Im cruising on the highway at 110km at 2.5k rpm is that normal?
3. How should I drive the car? (Break in period?)

Things I love!
1. From 50km/h to 70km/h i can stay in gear and slowly hit the cruising speeds in city. At a good 1.5krpm (i think)
2. Steering is solid
3. The car has a very solid feeling. Suspension reacts so well to every bump.
4. Super quiet at high speeds.
5. Yay for ambient lighting?
6. Smooth gear changing. Very minor shuddering, not problems that some of the forum members have reported.

What I used to drive Mitsubishi lancer 2008 GTS. and let me tell you. This is a way better car.

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2 I cruise at 60mp hb 2.5k with 5speed so urs sounds normal
3 like ya stole it. Dont keep a constant speed and give it SOME revs.... Dont race around just dont exactly econo drive

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2. At 120 km/h I have 2600 rpms - so you are good with what you get.
3. Look on this site, there are some threads about how to break in your car. The idea is to not have steady rpms for too long the first 1600 km.
My advice :
- forget about MPG or L/100 km in the first 1000 km and use the S mode as much as you like (I used S mode in city driving and D while on hwy).
- never use the cruze on your first 1600 km.
- never force your car before it is warm (temp gauge at center).
- change S mode to D mode (and viceversa) while on trafic. This will play with rpms at the same speed (so you'll not need to speed up to get more rpms).
- when comming to a Stop, perform a full stop before going on. This way your transmission will adjust for low speed startups (and whatever "shuttering" you may feel, will eventualy disapear)
- use the "pulse and coast" on the hwy as much as you can (meaning speed up to 120-130 km/h and then let off the acceleration till the speed comes back to 100-105 km/h). Be aware of not being followed by other cars, because you may end up in a messy situation. [spank]

Once you passed the 1600 km, it should be good and you should continue to drive it as you like. And yes, you may start counting the MPG.
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