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New owner of a 2007 wagon

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Just bought a 2007 Wagon SES 5spd with 150K on the odo. Car has some dents and interior is filthy but from what I can tell, was dealer serviced it's whole life. The more I go over it, the more little things I find that are a little messed up. If you honk the horn too hard the airbag light comes on, cruise control won't turn on and front skid plate is dangling in the middle but the car seems to run and drive very well. Mostly concerned with rust right now, where are typical spots to look for it to start? Right now the car is parked while I go over it and I'm driving my Saturn until I sell/scrap it. I'm sure once I start driving it, I'll start finding other things that need attention. For now I'm just lurking the forum absorbing all the info. I can.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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