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New old ZX5!

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Hey all, I just picked up a high miles 2004 ZX5 as a commuter car! I've always been a fan of the focus! Me and a good friend of mine worked at a Ford dealer when we were young, he bought a focus BRAND new, either 01 or 02, then went to an 03 or 04 SVT, then got out of the focus game, but they left a positive impression on me. A couple years ago my wife needed a good, cheap, reliable car to drive so we picked her up a first gen ZX3. They peaked my interest all over again, and now here I am with my own ZX5!

I do need some help right off the bat though. I need to replace my PCV valve. Now I'm a very mechanical guy, I can do a lot myself, I just need good instruction. I searched and found a thread on here but the pic links were broken and that's what I needed most. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks guys, look forward to learning lots more about focus'!!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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