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Hey everyone My name is Rob and I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hi. I live in TN but have lived in many us states. I don't currently have a Ford focus but i did have one back in the day with i live in Virginia Beach.

I'm not only checking in to say hi but also seeing if someone still has my car one this forum.

This is the description of how it looked when i traded it in around 2004-5

2001 ZX3 Blue

kenwood cd player
Blue painted panels
B&M shifter
had 6x9's in the back shelf
had a gauge pillar
indiglo gauges
had a blue stain on the passenger floor

FS 65mm throttle body
Aem Intake
MBRP exhaust
and a 4-1 short header ( Pacesetter i think)

stock black side skirts removed
Aftermarket headlights
carbon fiber mirrors
and a wings west rear lip.(it originality had the wings west full lip kit but someone needed it more than i did.)
It had stock rims painted black.

i know it probably went to the crusher by now it would be cool to know someone on here know its whereabouts. NE ways thanks for the check in and i will be a more prominent member on here as the year passes
I know how everyone loves pictures and since i don't have on of my car here is my current ride it is a 2014 Roush f150 RT570 enjoy.


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