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new motor mount and timing belt.

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I need to install a new passenger motor mount and timing belt on my 01 zx3 with ztech and 5 speed. I tried calling the local dealership for the mount but there tecs couldn't figure out the part number, they ended up telling me thats its unavailable. When I do the mount I'm going to replace the timing kit while I have the mount off.

So what is the part number of the passenger mount? I also know that some members have used a different dealership having it shipped to there home, what dealership was that?

What timing kit would you recommend, looking for everything including the water pump.

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Thanks for that bit of information - I wasn't aware that they use different coding systems. The closest I got for a US parts cat is here -

Use the VIN or Model tab, then select Year, Make and Model. Once you hit the Search Catalog, it will give you a break down of component categories. Once you narrow your selection, you will eventually get access to the slides with the assy nos.

Hope this helps.

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