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New member in NE PA.

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Hey guys figured I'd finally register here and say hello. Picked my SVT up back in April after looking for a second car for winter/DD. Found mine in upper NY as a non-running car that was down for about 2 years for a ton of new parts after the original owner popped a head gasket. The car was rebuilt with all Ford parts except an MSD coilpack and a poly dogbone, I bought it for next to nothing and towed it home. Tore it apart only to find the timing was out by 180 degrees and the wires were on the coilpack backwards. Once those issues were fixed the car ran like a champ.

This SVT is in very good shape and had all options except the cold weather package, but I recently picked up a set of heated seats from a CWP I found in the JY. My Contour is my second/fun car and is away for the winter, but I am loving the handling and space in the SVT. I've been an active member on since '05 and hope to contribute as much here as I have there. Thanks guys here's a pic of the car semi-clean.

and one of the Contour next to my friends SVT.