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Hey Everyone,

Just got my first focus (Subaru RS and RSTi owner in previous years) and its a 2001 with almost 200k miles!

Expected to just have a beater around till it died, but this thing feels so sorted (suspension wise) that I now want to save and preserve it a bit! Drifting my local dirt roads and sealed surface this car is really fun, 500 miles and I'm already wanting to spend money on it!

Clutch is a little slippy, engine is seeming ok though, will def have to do the clutch job in the near future, but also wondering about a swap option if I were to spend a couple thousand on it. I really have not gone through it in detail yet to look at belts/water pump and other engine accessories but everything works on this car!

Been looking at options on here, and now looking for some opinions from MK1 owners:

Spend like 1000 bucks on a new clutch and any engine maintenance I may need or more on a better or newer Zetec engine. From those who have done basic swaps what sort of costs would you estimate? I'm not really looking to make a ton more power, just liven her up a bit and get another 50k miles or so out of it. Located in central and south NY if anyone knows good shops.

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